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website: www.tothepointwriting.net

about me:
I am a creative professional, mother, contra dancer, singer/songwriter and performer.

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    Career & Finance

    Lifestyle & Fitness

    • Begin playing ultimate frisbee again
    • A weeklong songwriting camp

    Sports & Adventure

    • 10 day hiking trip to in the "Whites"
    • A 10 day - 2 week trip overseas, alone

    To build my income, enjoy my work more and help others.

    1) To promote my services as a marketing professional to business, executive and life coaches. 2) To learn gain experience in teaching teleclasses. 3) To help coaches effectively market their services in a way that works for them.

    To establish a consistent stream of income, obtain clients on a consistent basis, and create a client base for future products and services. (Do this by applying the same process I've done for my clients. )

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    Personal Development & Community