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website: http://www.kenyafarm.org

about me:
Just a tea drinking, mandolin strumming, travel junkie from itty bitty Nova Scotia, Canada :)

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Travel & Leisure

  • Travel Costa Rica/volunteer with turtles
  • Travel to Norway
  • Travel to Ireland
  • Travel to Iles de la Madeleine
  • Go to Newfoundland
  • Volunteer in Haiti
  • Travel to Australia
  • Travel to New Zeland
  • Travel every continent (except antartica
  • Read all of Tom Robbins novels
  • Visit the Great Wall of China
  • Go to every province and territory 8/12
  • Travel to Iceland
  • Go to the Newport Folk Festival


Personal Development & Community

  • start a youth centre
  • write a children's book
  • take one year deaf studies course
  • Sing an original at an open mic
  • become a minimalist
  • Learn how to sculpt ice
  • Volunteer with forest preservation
  • Read "The Story of Stuff"/apply to life
  • Start a charity
  • Host an exchange student for a year
  • Start Organic Farm in Kenya
  • Join or start a food co-op
  • Trusting in my Higher Power

Career & Finance

  • Become self employed
  • Becoming Debt Free
  • Contribute monthly to an RRSP
  • Pay off House
  • Take Infant Mental Health Cert. course

Lifestyle & Fitness

  • Adopt a greyhound
  • Learn french
  • Learn to play the cello
  • Take mandolin lessons
  • start a recipe box
  • Begin LARGE painting/complete over years
  • take yurt building workshop
  • see Iron and Wine live
  • Grow my own food
  • 50% of my clothing organic/handmade
  • Give blood
  • Meditate on a daily basis
  • Buy an accordian and teach myself
  • Learn how to Rollerblade
  • Learn Swahili

Sports & Adventure

  • Go skydiving
  • Go paragliding
  • Hot Air Balloon ride
  • take kayak lessons
  • Hike every trail in Nova Scotia
  • Go Tidal Bore Rafting

When visiting an organic farm when in Kenya in August 2011 I found out how easy it is to be able to grow crops in such a dry area. I met the women from the Makindu Friend's Women's Group to talk with them their hopes and dreams about being about to feed their family. We have a piece of land now (see photo). We are in the process of clearing and fencing the land (January 2012). I had some great support the last few months to get donations to get their work done. I'm currently trying to fundraise for a well and greenhouse and fish basin. More information: www.kenyafarm.org

This is going to be on `2012` list !

I LOVE his novels. So twisted, so unique. Here's the list so far: 1. Another Roadside Attraction (1971) READ 2. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1976) READ 3. Still Life with Woodpecker (1980) READ 4. Jitterbug Perfume (1984) READ 5. Skinny Legs and All (1990) READ 6. Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas (1994) READ 7. Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates (2000) Have to READ 8. Villa Incognito (2003) READ 9. Wild Ducks Flying Backward (2005) — a collection of non-fiction essays, reviews, and short stories. READ 10. B Is for Beer (2009) have to READ

I want to become more fluent in swahili for the potential partnerships and already established friendships I have in east africa. I have been trying to retain what i have already learned and have been reading my book and writing down phrases and listening to my cd everyday for the past week! Update soon!

I know that my family would appreciate having something like this. I want it for future generations

Give back to my community.

I want quality over quantity when it comes to clothing. Less is more.