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21 Day Challenge! Go down 1 pant size!
Lifestyle & Fitness: Health

In December I was horrified at photos of myself from the holidays. I had a tiny human in August, but it's about time that I start to get back in shape. Perfect timing, I receive the email from Shea @ announcing the 2012 21 day challenge. I needed this. So, my challenge to go down 1 pant size. Not only did I accomplish this, I am down TWO sizes with the help of a great diet, positive outlook, On Demand workouts from home and definitely being held accountable by others on mylifelist. I am so happy, but we are not done yet. I aim to go down 2 more sizes before my daughter turns 1. It' s completely out of my character to post terrible pictures of myself, but it's necessary. I have posted before and after pictures. Wow. Here's to a great start to 2012! :)

Why were you inspired to do this?

On September 3rd, 2010 I married the love of my life. In order to prep for the wedding, I did amazing work outs and edited my diet. I lost 20 lbs and felt amazing! The 1st picture on this slide show is on our honeymoon! On August 21, 2011, Penelope Julieta was born and I therefore in the mean time gained weight because of my pregnancy. At the end of this 21 day challenge, penelope will be 5 months and 10 days old. It's about time I begin lose that extra baby weight! At the moment, I have 1 pair of jeans that fit. And they are my "fat" jeans. So, at the end of this challenge, I want to fit in to at LEAST 1 pair of jeans that last me all day without having to unbutton or be uncomfortable. Here we go! I started today with a 20 minute cardio work out and altered my diet to healthy and delicious.

What were 3 things you did to make this happen?

Excersize, every day when Penelope sleeps, start small, go big, be strong. Start Zumba on Monday nights and mall walking in the mornings.

Eat smaller portions, healther choices!

Turn off the TV!

How did you feel once you had accomplished this?

myself. I have to be active when I am at home. Cable offers FREE workout videos. I just have to do it!

3/14/2012 10:34:45 AM

 Just wanted to update that I've lost 25 lbs since January 10 and I'm going strong! I'd love to lose 20 more before August ;)

2/9/2012 3:24:50 PM

Great Job, Jenipher!!!! 

2/2/2012 10:47:05 PM

congrats Jenipher! looking forward to following your continued successes!

Why do you want to do this?

On September 3rd, 2010 I married the love of my life. In order to prep for the wedding, I did amazing work outs and edited my diet. I lost 20 lbs and felt amazing! The 1st picture on this slide show is on our honeymoon! On August 21, 2011, Penelope Julieta was born and I therefore in the mean time gained weight because of my pregnancy. At the end of this 21 day challenge, penelope will be 5 months and 10 days old. It's about time I begin lose that extra baby weight! At the moment, I have 1 pair of jeans that fit. And they are my "fat" jeans. So, at the end of this challenge, I want to fit in to at LEAST 1 pair of jeans that last me all day without having to unbutton or be uncomfortable. Here we go! I started today with a 20 minute cardio work out and altered my diet to healthy and delicious.

What three things will you need to make this happen?

Excersize, every day when Penelope sleeps, start small, go big, be strong. Start Zumba on Monday nights and mall walking in the mornings.

Eat smaller portions, healther choices!

Turn off the TV!

What is the biggest barrier to your achieving this?

myself. I have to be active when I am at home. Cable offers FREE workout videos. I just have to do it!

1/10/2012 10:54:21 PM

I started today with a 20 minute cardio work out and altered my diet to healthy and delicious. So excited! I was in a great mood! Sweet Penelope was so happy to watch crazy mommy jump around and I feel so motivated!

1/10/2012 10:55:16 PM

 Congratulations to you.  Best of luck with your 21 Day Challenge.

1/11/2012 8:02:41 AM

 So sore this morning! I guess that's a good sign of a good work out! Awaiting tiny P to tale her morning nap so I can prepare for today's meals and workout routine! 


1/11/2012 2:11:58 PM

I call that "awesomely sore".  It's a good feeling, go with it!  I'm working on a similar goal of just 5 pounds this month. 

Keep us up to date with your progress!!

1/11/2012 2:47:34 PM

 Thanks Colin & Zinful! I did an awesome kickboxing work out with Cathy Syphers On Demand today! I feel again amazing! And a little less sore! I"m trying to figure the right diet plan...fruits, veggies and grilled chicken are my friend. It's really never been that I eat incorreclty, it's the lack of motion that's my problem. I'm hoping to one day enjoy this business of excersize. If I don't enjoy the act, at least I enjoy the results! ;)

1/12/2012 6:15:01 AM

keep it up...its the little steps and small changes which will see the results! I will be sure to follow you on your journey!

1/12/2012 9:54:17 AM

 Thanks Heatherclare! I'm excited about today! I'm bumping my workout to 30 minutes and I'm experimenting with new foods! I am shocked at myself, but yesterd I actually LIKED tuna with NO mayo, spinach, onions, tomatos...and I LOVE mayo lol. And I had self control when the hubster came hope with chocolates and chips last night...I told him he wasn't really helping, but oddly (very oddly) I wasn't even interested. He's in outrageously good shape and can really get away with anything in his diet. I'm on a mission. I'd very much like to look like that photo by Penelope's 1st birthday (8/21/2011) and in this challenge I'm gaining the strength to keep it up - by it, i mean everything that's sagging lol! :)

1/12/2012 11:39:45 AM

 Here we go! It's day 4 and I've already accomplished my 30 minute goal! In fact I did 40's the silly part...I thought Penelope would sleep for the entire time, but she woke half way through, I had to pause for 10 minutes to feed her and therefore cooled down. So I buckled her in her magical swing and started again with a different work out....she laughs and laughs at me while I move my bum all across the living room! At least she's entertained....I feel so incredibly good! 

This weekend is a 3 day weekend and we are headed to NYC...I will have access to the gym of my in-laws so crossing fingers I make it happen every day! Plus walking the city with a 14lb baby attached to me in a moby wrap HAS to be some sort of cardio!


1/12/2012 12:22:08 PM

Look at you go! That's excellent. And I love all the positive feedback you're getting from the MyLifeList community. Support in the early days can have a huge effect on accountability and consistency as you build a new habit.

I will admit, I have been trying to lose 15 pounds since April (feel free to check out my goal ... it's a looooong thread, LOL), and I find that when I stay connected to those who are doing the same thing (Zin, Andrea, et al, I'm talking to you!) I do a lot more to make my goal happen. I am down 8 pounds and I find it's the last 7 that continue to thwart me! I've officially reached the portion of the program where I have to actually try harder. So thanks for the inspiration! I will keep plugging away, and if we can help you, just let us know how!

Good luck, you're doing great!

1/12/2012 12:40:55 PM

You're doing great!   I've been finding the working out at home is going great for me as well.  I've use the On Demand features with Cable as well as pulled out some old DVD workouts I have.  I'm currently saving for a new one (one of my goals). 

I'll keep checking in on you to see how it's going!

1/13/2012 10:48:03 AM

 Hello New York City!!!! We arrived late last night and woke early this morning with the Pea (my nickname for our daughter) and my mother in law. First question when with this family? Do you want hot chocolate? Did I mention they are 100% Colombian and therefore make THE best hot chocolate on the planet?! Well to my surprise, I said no thank you, I'm headed to the gym. Well, I've been coming here for 6 years and NEVER stepped foot in the gym here! LOL I'm very proud! I ran on the treadmill for 35 minutes, my face is beet red, and I am loving it! :) Here's to amazing new habit! I need a giant picture of my wedding dress as inspiration! :)

1/13/2012 6:20:09 PM

Congratulations on all the progress you've made so far Jenipher.  I love your giant wedding dress picture for inspiration.  That is perfect.  Keep up the great work and best of luck with this Challenge.

1/13/2012 11:50:52 PM

 Jenipher, good for you. It sounds like you've been switching it up a bit to keep it interesting. I'm getting excited just reading your updates :)  Please continue having fun!

1/14/2012 1:01:19 PM

congrats to you great to hear of your progress...can totally picture you daughter on her swing taking it all in as you dance around the living room. You are an inspiration to many...including myself. I am on a mission as well, to get back to the gym...the gym clothes are packed in my bag, my alarm is set for an early morning workout, and I have my work clothes all ready to go, so that I can head there straight from the gym. Good luck with the challenge...and keep us with the great progress!

1/14/2012 10:33:24 PM

Thanks so much ladies! Your encouragement is incredible helpful! I will post my wedding picture tomorrow to remind myself how great I felt! Well, it's Sunday night, day 6 and no gym today, I did however walk tons through the city but I'm pretty sure the food today completely cancelled out the walking, but I did maintain some all in all, fantastic weekend, but I'm hitting the gym twice as hard tomorrow! :)

1/14/2012 11:14:01 PM

 Can't wait to see the picture Jeniipher.  Looking forward to your updates.

1/15/2012 10:23:16 AM

 Just finished my day 7 work out and boy I didn't want to! It does not pay to skip a day lol! The whole time I was counting down the seconds to stop! I am quite thrilled with my 1st week! I refuse to step in a scale until the end of our challenge, BUT I have put on a smaller pair of pants, and although tight, they zipped and buttoned, and that is no easy feat on this new mamas body!!!! Woohoo! Here's to week 2! I'm starting hip hop classes & Zumba! :)

1/15/2012 5:15:48 PM

 It's definitely tough to get back on the wagon, even if you just missed a day. I'm so excited about the new pant size! 

Have fun in your new classes. Those should be a great workout!

1/15/2012 8:46:23 PM

You're doing great.  Are you sure you don't want to weigh in until the end?  Maybe just once a week to see how things are going, and if you need to adjust?  You know your body best!  I'm trying to weigh in only once a week.  I did lose a pound so far (not much), but still could barely put my jeans on today.  So, checking on both helps me to figure out what I need to do this week to go forward.

Good luck to you.  I'll keep checking in....


1/15/2012 8:51:19 PM

 Keep the focus heading into week two Jenipher... and look at that... you're already putting on a smaller pair of pants and we're only a third of the way through.  I'm sure you're going to love Zumba and Hip Hop.  

1/15/2012 11:29:31 PM are doing awesome! Keep your goal in mind, and things will continue to happen. And...I agree with Andrea, you are going to LOVE Zumba and Hip Hop!

1/16/2012 12:29:02 AM

 Sounds liek your doing well on your goal.  Keep up the good work!  Canada supports you!!


1/16/2012 2:02:20 PM

 Ugh. So day 8 did not start off the way I expected! Around 1am aliens literally tried to escape my stomach....or I have THE worst stomach bug known to man. I am so weak I can't pick up my daughter. On a ridiculous note I'm SURE I lost at least 5 lbs while it was happening lol...not really what I was going for :(. Hoping to feel a little better to at least walk the treadmill tomorrow. Thanks all for your support!

1/16/2012 5:48:15 PM

 Get well soon! 

1/16/2012 9:44:10 PM

hope u feel better!

1/17/2012 8:30:15 AM

So, if you do decide to get on the treadmill, and really, don't rush it, these things take time to recover from, just do a little.  What's important is more your water intake and rehydrating after a day like that!  Good luck & feel better!

1/17/2012 1:32:26 PM

Day 9! OKay, here it is! One of my favorite pictures of mom and me ;) This was ONLY 16 months ago! (I was prego 9 months of I'm not too hard on myself) I did a very light cardio work out today. I'm still pretty sore from being sick, but I wanted to sweat a little...puts me in the right frame of mind to eat healthy the rest of the week. I'm feeling so much better and I'm even happier that Pea isn't showing any signs if getting my bug! yay!

So, I have 1 pair of jeans that I bought 3 weeks ago to "get me through" until I can fit into pre baby ones again. I have 2 stacks of pre baby jeans: 1 set are 1 size smaller and the other is 2 sizes smaller. I happily put on all pairs in the first set today! WOO HOO! And that spare pair of maternity jeans I was keeping in that 1st pile "just in case"? In the maternity bin for NEXT baby! woo hoo! 

I guess I'll have to change up my goal: go into a pair of pants TWO sizes smaller by the end of our 21 day challenge! I"m up for it! I'm so happy!

1/17/2012 6:10:11 PM

Are you telling me that you have already accomplished your 21-DC goal in the first week?!! We should have a special prize just for you!

That wedding photo must be just the right motivation. You and your mother are lovely. Where did you get married? 

I think it's awesome that you're making so much progress. Keep going and maybe you'll hit it for the second set of jeans. What a wonderful inspiration to all of us, it's amazing what we can do when we just decide, and get the right feedback to keep us focused and on track. I will be so happy when you celebrate this success story! 

Also, and I can't help but say this as a mom who gained more than 80 pounds during my pregnancy: Be kind to yourself as your body changes and take your time. It's a funny thing, growing a child and giving birth. Your hormones do crazy things, and weight loss/gain is definitely part of that. Focus on the healthy stuff as you are and you will sustain just what your body needs to be well. Great job, Jenipher!

1/17/2012 9:18:27 PM

 You've nailed it? That's awesome! And, ht epicture you added is fabulous.

Good for you and good luck on the next pant size, but considering how you've been going, I don't know if you need it!

1/18/2012 12:06:00 AM

wow...that is so great! the fashion show must have been a lot of fun to do! cant wait to hear how things continue on!

1/18/2012 11:31:13 AM

Love, love, love the dress!!  Beautiful.  Be careful over the next week, though, as the sickness may have taken more out of you.  That being said, definitely try for 2 sizes down instead of one.  Why not, right???

1/18/2012 5:05:53 PM

 Your picture is absolutely fabulous Jenipher.  Look at you all radiant and shining.  Love the dress and the big smile and much congratulate you again for sticking with your plan despite not feeling so great.  I can totally relate to that.  And if I'm reading all the updates correctly, you've just sailed over your first goal and are extending it???  How fantastic is that!!  What an inspiration to all of us you are.

1/18/2012 5:25:31 PM

Day 10:  Hi All! Thanks a million for your very kind and supportive comments! Now, I haven't completely accomplished my goal, because part of it is " I want to fit in to at LEAST 1 pair of jeans that last me all day without having to unbutton or be uncomfortable"  I'm not exactly comfortable all day yet LOL. But, I will be. I took it very easy today because I think I did too much yesterday....I'm exhausted today! Thank goodness for the hubster's help! Almost half way! wahoo!

1/19/2012 9:33:07 AM

I love how you have stated "at LEAST 1 pair all day" I know how that end of day bloat makes me pop the button LOL.  Congratulations on all your success so far, and good luck on your continued progress.  ( I have a pair of jeans in the back of my closet from my "skinny" days, that I have never been able to throw you have one of those?)

1/19/2012 8:11:32 PM

I'm really enjoying following all the updates on your page Jenipher.  Sounds like you have a supportive and understanding husband as well.  So important when you're trying to do something for yourself and when there are children involved.  Very best as you continue your journey.

1/19/2012 9:57:48 PM

 Thanks rbilsborough & andrea! It's day 11, I did absolutely no sweating today, just a lot of snuggling with the tiny human and relaxing. The weather really called for it - snowy and grey -This evening spent with good friends and good (healthy) food. Here's to the 2nd half of our journey!

1/19/2012 10:48:05 PM

hope u had an enjoyable time with friends and the babe...excited to hear about the 2nd half of your journey!

1/20/2012 4:18:32 PM

Cheers to that.  Snuggling with the tiny human - absolutely a priority.  Happy weekend to you and I'll check back for another update soon.

1/20/2012 11:42:13 PM

That time to snuggle with them when they are so little flys past way too quickly......enjoy every moment you can get doing that.  I miss that part soooo much. 

Have a great rest of your weekend!

1/21/2012 9:37:23 AM

Hi Hi! Yesterday, Saturday, was day 12, and I completely didn't work out, again! So, today, Day 13, I decided to get back on the wagon! I just finished (still dripping with sweat as I type) an excellent kick boxing work out with Cathy Syphers On Demand while the hubster slept in and the tiny human kept her eyes on me! Yesterday Penelope turned 5 months, and I gotta say, I'm a proud mama! Proud of myself and proud of our little family! I have brunch plans with a friend this morning, so the work out will keep me in check as I avoid ordering my favorite: eggs benedict! Why waste a great work out???? Thank goodness for a sunny day today, snowy dreary days do not make anyone want to do anything but snuggle snuggle! 

I need a good sports bra - any suggestions?

Thanks! J (and little P)

1/21/2012 1:12:19 PM

It's definitely hard to recover and get back into after being sick.  You're doing great, though.  Use snuggle time as your reward =)

1/21/2012 5:56:11 PM

5 months already??  Great age.  Soon little P will have you running after her and you'll be sweating then too.  Hard to recommend a good sports bra because they're always such a personal thing.  Believe it or not, Walmart has a pretty good selection and they seem to last quite a while too.  Best of luck.

1/21/2012 11:34:10 PM

 So sweet. Love that Penelope enjoys watching her momma work out. 

1/22/2012 1:39:50 AM

You are very lucky to have a little one that will just watch.  Congrats on the sweat session, and I hope you had a great (delicious) brunch with your friend. 

You are absolutely right about the gives you way more energy.  I would rather it be -20 and sunny, than 0 and cloudy.

1/22/2012 11:29:16 PM

woohoo to you! you are doing awesome!  As for a sports bra, I love this make: Moving Comfort. I have a couple of different models, but my fav is with an underwire version (I have big boobs...and used to wear two regular bra and then a sport bra) when I worked out. I was excited to find this bra, because it really supports the girls!  I buy them at specialty running shops here in Canada (The Running Room or the Runners Shop), but I am sure that they can be found at other stores as well....not positive if it is a US or Canadian family.

1/23/2012 8:21:46 AM

Jenipher, I go with the Champion brand, they are like being bound. :) Can get them at Target, easy.

Looks like you're cranking along here! Tuesday now, hopefully your habits are getting stronger every day. Did you work out yesterday? Love to hear what kind of progress you're making. What a great example you're setting for Little P, keep it up till she's old enough to work out with you! That's when it gets really fun. My 9 yr old daughter loves pilates and zumba, and our local Y has family classes, so that could not be better.

1/23/2012 9:15:40 AM

 Hi HI! Yesterday was day 14 and I'm happy to report I had a successfull day! I did 45 minutes of a new kick box routine, a bit more advanced, and holy did it kick my butt! Then I cooled down haha ya right, with 10 minutes of beginner pilates! I was a bit bummed because I was supposed to head to zumba last night but my hubster got stuck at work late, so, I couldn't attend...there is always next week! I did instead though put on a "bollywood" dance routine On Demand, um, ya, it was a little weird for me....i really need very specific dance moves, but it was highly entertaining! I'm super awkward! So, hoping to make it to next monday's zumba and in the mean time, I'll keep up with On Demand! 

1/23/2012 9:25:07 AM

 Today is day 15 and I'm about to start my morning routine! I feel so energized, I'm pushing to do 45 minutes again today, going to see if another routine gets me moving as well as the kick boxing.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Sundays brunch was delicous!  I had the eggs benedict, but no hollandaise, and spinach instead of canadian bacon, so I stayed pretty healthy and I am sure the tomato juice inside the bloody mary cancelled out the fact that there was also vodka lol :)

Thanks for the bra tips, I'll try a few on and let you know what I find! I have a nike one from 10lbs ago and I'm really not trying to cram my post baby boobs into it HA!

Hope everyone has a great day today! 

1/23/2012 5:33:45 PM

Jenipher, it sounds like you're making all the right choices with the substitutions.  Don't forget about hydrating either.  Did you hit that 45 minutes?  Cheers to another great day.

1/23/2012 9:03:29 PM

 Eating well and serious working out. Wow!

1/23/2012 10:41:58 PM

great to hear your progress...and be sure to check into some new bras...a bra from 10 yrs ago will probably not be the best for the girls! you are doing awesome!!!

1/23/2012 11:21:38 PM

I love that you are trying new things to excercise to.  Bollywood would be a hoot.  I'm with you though, I think I would be pretty awkward.  Great choices with your brunch too!  

I am wishing you much success in finding  just the right holder for the girls.  I use the Champion brand from Target, just like Shea.

1/24/2012 12:00:23 PM

 Hey hay! I just wanted everyone to see our beautiful penelope, this is the face she gives me every time i start working my groove thang during my work outs lol, this was just yesterday :) I DID IT! 60 minutes of a very tough work out: I did the 1 hour break down with Dave Sinclair, he's a bit corny, but I enjoyed it. I of course had to take a break 1/2 way because the pea decided to poo and be our timing isn't quite together...but as soon as she was situated I went right back to it. So, day 16 = success! ;)

Also, I am DIEING to weigh in, but I don't have a scale, SO I instead tried on the bra from 10lbs ago, and I'm not kidding, I look pretty good in it, even got the hubsters seal of approval. So who knows how much i've lost, really who cares, my clothes are starting to look pretty good, and not tight. THANK Goodness!

1/24/2012 6:53:09 PM

She is ADORABLE!!  Who wouldn't want to smile when they see those big blues. 

They say that the tape measure is a more accurate account of your size than a scale anyway, so if the clothes are fitting.  I would call that success!

1/24/2012 8:15:27 PM

Sorry, it's been a while since I could check in (hard while traveling).  But, looking back to some food decisions you made that were awesome.  I agree with Andrea, hard to recommend depending on your needs/body type. 

Love the pic - OMG!!!  So cute!!!

And, you're absolutely right!!  Sometimes it's really, really not about the amount you've lost, but your fit into your clothes, how you feel, how you look (and, how hubs thinks you look). 

Keep up the good work!!!

1/24/2012 8:33:48 PM

 Happy baby! She's gorgeous!

It's so awesome to feel comfortable in your clothes and skin, isn't it? 

1/24/2012 9:59:10 PM

 Ohhhh, how adorable is Little P???   Sooo cute.  Almost makes me wish for another.   Congrats on the 60 minutes.  Fantastic for you and hubsters approval just has to be the icing on the cake after all your efforts and the clothes fitting better too.  You must be ecstatic about your progress.  I have the A,B,C's of Healthy Living to share over the last few days of this contest but it looks like you're doing awesome already.  Here's the first few: A - Ask Questions when dining out.  Don't hesitate to ask your server how a dish is prepared and feel free to request it to be altered in a way to make it more healthy... as in, sauce on the side, without oil, substitute fries with a salad... B - Budget For Snacks - don't give up all your favouite treats - just plan for them ahead of time and adjust your eating in the day to allow for them.  That way, you won't feel deprived if everyone at the movie is having a treat except you.  C - Cancel The Pity Party if you feel discouraged about the number on the scale or how slow progress is going, remind yourself that everyone struggles on this journey and that you're working through it and sticking to your plan.  D - Distract Yourself when you're hungry between meals or snacks... call a friend, go for a walk, write an e-mail, drink water - do anything that doesn't involve food and you'll notice the hunger usually passes within minutes.  E - Eat Slowly when you sit down for a meal or snack.  If you eat too quickly, it's easier to miss the signal from your body that you're satisfied.  In fact, put the fork down between bites if you're having a conversation with friends or relatives at the table.    Hope you find some tips that are useful and there are more to come over the next few days.

1/25/2012 2:01:29 PM

 I have more A,B,C's of healthy living to share with you Jenipher.  I hope you find something helpful.  F - Focus on the presentation of your food on the plate.  Arrange it attractively on a pretty piece of china, this will help you feel more satisfied.  G - Give new habits time because change doesn't happen overnight.  It may take 21 days to break or create a new habit, but it takes about six montns for new habits to feel natural or automatic.  Make a commitment to stick with your new regimen for at least that long.  H - Hang out with optimists.  The can-do spirit is contagious.  It can bolster your resolve and help fuel your weight loss goals.  I - Inspire yourself with a list of activities that you've put off doing - going sailing, learning to salsa dance, travelling to a far off place - this will provide a built-in incentive to stick to your plan.  J - Join Up - exercise with others, whether it's joining a hiking club, a fitness club or a recreational softball league - all of this offers a sense of accountability and a feeling of community. 

1/25/2012 5:09:58 PM

 Andrea! Thanks so much for the ABC's! I love G, H & I the best! Today is day 17 and I am crazy sore from yesterdays work out, especially my upper body, so, I have yet to work out today, I think when the hubster gets home I'm going to go for a quick run on the tread mill just to sweat a little and lift nothing considering I could barely pour the tea kettle this morning haha!

1/26/2012 12:22:05 AM

Jenipher...glad to hear the workouts are giving u some pain...always a good sign! Love the pic...such a great inspiration! And congrats on the bra...I have to agree with Zin...I am all about the tape measure :)

1/26/2012 11:23:27 AM

 I love that kind of crazy sore from working out.  Feels like it's working right??  Happy you're enjoying the ABC's.  Here's the next installment.

K - Keep Your Focus as you're losing weight, notice what you're gaining as well:  a slimmer profile, better fitting clothes, more confidence, a more restful sleep, a new love of exercise, a more healthier YOU all around.

L - Lighten Up Your Favourites... with new low-fat cookbooks.  Experiment with your favourite Chinese, Mexican, Italian dishes with substitued lighter ingredients.  Or try a different cultures' cuisine.

M - Make Over Your Kitchen and get rid of trigger foods.  Restock with healthier choices to make snacking easy.  

N - Navigate Your Way Out Of Your Comfort Zone and try a new exercise at least once.  Discovering how much you enjoy new activities will help create your new healthier lifestyle.

O - Opt for the 10-Minute Rule even if you don't feel like exercising.  Get moving in some way for at least ten minutes and if, after that, you still feel uninspired, give yourself permission to quit.

1/26/2012 6:53:54 PM

Doing great, Jenipher!  Love the 'crazy' sore (I call it awesomely sore).  It actually makes you want to do more.  Is that one of the Turbo workouts?  I only did 2 of those so far, so I don't really know yet how they are going to 'hurt' me...

1/26/2012 11:18:17 PM

any exciting plans for the weekend? will you be trying a new exercise tape? hope that you have an enjoyable wkd with everything that it has to offer you! even yummy brunches...with smart decisions.

1/27/2012 4:44:42 PM

 Hi Jenipher.  How's your weekend coming along?  I have some more ABC's for you:

P - Push Yourself to try one new fruit or vegetable each week - or try them prepared in a different way.  You'll be treating yourself to a new taste sensation and expanding your culinary repertoire in a healthy way.

Q - Quit the Clean Plate Club and get into the habit of eating only until you're satisfied.  This way, you'll spare yourself loads of unnecessary calories.

R - Reward Yourself with a new 'busy hands' skill to stave off snacking after dinner - take up knitting, crocheting, needlepoint or beading.  Or, give yourself a mani/pedi.

S - Stand Up Food Pushers at the party by politely indicating that you have your eye on another dish at the buffet.  Complimenting the hostess on the food she's offering will distract her from her agenda and help you stick to yours.  

T - Treat Your Body Like A Temple.  Start exercising regularly and taking care of yourself as if you were an athlete.  Fuel your body with energy-boosting foods and plenty of sleep and water.  

1/28/2012 1:15:08 AM

 Woo! Sounds like it's really going, Jenipher. The burn is half the fun, right?

1/28/2012 12:53:29 PM

Day 18: Here's my facebook post from yesterday!!!!  

Off to the treadmill! You know I'm feeling good when my work out clothes get tighter not because I'm bigger but because I choose them this way bc I'm looking hotter ;) Day 18 of my 21 day challenge: I'm officially down 2 dress sizes!!!! Woot!

1/28/2012 12:58:35 PM

 Day 19: how I love NYC! We drove in Friday night, I hit the treadmill yesterday and went running along the hudson river for views of manhattan (from jersey) today with the hubby. My husband has been running his entire life and has always asked me to run with him. Today is the first day. While I cannot keep up wit h his regular pace, he kept up with mine. This challenge has not only helped my mind and body, but my marriage as well. I'm looking forward to our runs together for the rest of our lives!

I have 2 "goal" outfits that I'd love to rock at Penelope's 1 year birthday. One is a super sassy top that my husband bought me 5 years's a size 6. The other is a really cute sun dress that I never tossed because I love it so much, it's just so tiny. It's a size 6 as well. I am confident that I will wear these items August 21, 2012! Here's to my 21 day turning in to 7 months + :)

1/28/2012 10:23:59 PM

 You're doing so awesome Jenipher.  Keep up the great work.  Can't wait to see your pics in the outfits you've got in mind.  

To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there."

- Kofi Annan

1/28/2012 11:01:11 PM

that is awesome Jenipher...running with your husband and then, making this goal a further goal for the coming months. good for you! looking forward to following your progress to fit into that little sun dress!!!

1/28/2012 11:01:35 PM

Fantastic that you went down two sizes!!!  That is some serious success, and very motivating to keep that ball rolling as you expand your goal.  Way to Go!!!

1/29/2012 8:27:54 AM

Woot-Woot!!!  2 sizes - Sweet Deal!!! 

I assume you were in Hoboken running w/ your husband??  I used to run 5K's there and they are my favorite!!!  I live about 15 minutes from Hoboken.  Someone had posted somehwere about exercising w/ your spouse and I can't find it now.  My husband has been feeling lately that he wants to exercise more and eat better.  This is such a relief when you're both working on the same goals.  It helps me a lot because when I try to plan a meal that's healthier for my benefit, I still want to make sure it's something everyone else will eat.  I'll have to find that post and put it here. 

BTW - I love your FB post.  Love it!  You're awesome!

1/29/2012 8:35:56 AM

Found it...

1/29/2012 5:10:33 PM

 Hi Zin! You are correct, mother in law lives in weehawken, so we are often in hoboken :) Thanks for the link, I'm checkingi it out now! 

Day 20! Wow, I can't believe how fast the time has gone by! Pea had shots today, so I didn't get my morning work out in, but I have Zumba plans tonight! First time, looking forward to it! And I have hip hop on Wednesday, should be hi lar ious.

1/29/2012 9:40:22 PM

 2 sizes???? Way to go, beating your goal into submission!!!! 

Have fun at zumba and hip hop!

1/29/2012 9:40:36 PM

 Congratulations... 2 sizes?!  How fantastic is that?  

Here's some more ABC's just before we close out the contest.

U - Use Your Lunchbreak Wisely by walking for half of it.  Taking a midday jaunt can boost your energy, reduce your stress, and give you more time after work with family and friends.

V - View Sweet Treats Wisely - Don't deprive yourself of cravings always.  Find a lower calorie substitue that satisfies you and have that as a reward or as a weekly treat.  Put a limit on rich desserts.

W - Write a Gratitude List - Each day, jot down or journal a few things that you're grateful for.  When spirits sad or when stuck in an especially aggrivating day, reviewing your gratitude list can boost your resolve to stay on track.

Hope you find something helpful.

1/30/2012 7:57:57 AM

I know you often work out at home, like I do.  Do you go to a class to take Zumba, or do you have a DVD?  I'm looking for a good DVD to mix into my workouts  here and there.  (Or, I could do Wii, too). 

1/30/2012 10:12:49 AM

 Jen, it's been awesome following your progress these last three weeks.  Congratulations to you for all your successes.   I have the last of the ABC's to share and wish you all the very best.  Looking forward to keeping up with your goals here.  

X - Xerox Exercise Moves as you come across them in magazines and books.  That way, when you're doing your workout or putting together a routine, you'll have a bit of a library built up with proper techniques outlined and pitcures to show how to get best results.  Happy strength training

Y - Yearn To Accept Where You Are Now if you get discouraged about your rate of progress or if you hit a plateau and get frustrated, try to accept and appreciate where you've come from and the journey to get to where you are currently and where you want to be.  Enjoy the process.  After all, you are doing what it takes to make a difference with your health and fintness.  That alone is commenndable.   

Z - Zero In On Your Body - be sure to listen to the signals your body is giving you.  Treat your body as you would an infant child -  with compassion, patience and love and understanding.  Give it healthful, nutrient rich food for energy only when it's required, quench it's thirst with water freely and give it the exercise it needs for optimal health and fitness and your body will reward you in unbelievable ways.  

1/30/2012 2:46:47 PM

 Woo Hoo! It's day 21 and I've survived and beat my goal! I'm so proud. I feel great physically, emotionally and in my relationships! I just finished a 40 minute work out and I feel stronger than ever. I look forward to the next several months to get in to those goal outfits! I cannot even believe I'm wearing the jeans I have on right now. :)


1/30/2012 2:47:58 PM

 Hey Zin, I do Zumba at a class away from home, but I hear that Wii has a pretty good one, let me know how that goes?

Andrea, I'm loving the a,b, c's and I'm going to print them out as encouragement every day!

I'm looking forward to keeping up with everyone's updates over time :)

1/30/2012 11:41:29 PM

 Jenipher, you did amazingly. I hope you keep logging your progress over the coming months while you slim down into your goal outfits. I'd love to hear how you do over the year.

1/31/2012 12:16:35 AM

Congrats on all your success Jenipher!! 
The best thing is that you FEEL so amazing!

2/2/2012 8:44:33 AM

Jenipher, you did awesome.  So proud!  You must be feeling great now.  C'mon, let's get that success story posted! 

I'm sticking with the Turbo Fire for right now, and will research reviews etc. on any at home Zumba DVD's and let you know what I find.

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