Frequently Asked Questions

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Why create a Life List?

Life Lists have been around for years in one form or another. People all over the world have lists of things to do, lists of “dream” things and many have even gone as far as detailing the different categories their lists fall into. Life lists allow the human imagination to wander, they allow people to dream, to get excited and ultimately put their desires into play.

What is a “Significant Life Experience”?

Have you ever done something that you now look back on as changing or confirming the direction of your life? We like to think of a significant life experience as just that, a watershed experience in your life. A significant experience will introduce you to new friends and new friends will ultimately introduce you to new experiences. We challenge you to create a Life List of goals that will lead you to have new experiences that you believe will be significant in your life.

How do I create a Life List?

It's easy, Click here for thought provoking questions and pictures. Alternatively browse the My Life List Top 90 or click on the colored category icons to view member Top of List goals and experience stories and add these to your list.

  • Travel & Leisure Where in the world have you always dreamed of going but haven't been able to get to yet? Let us help you get there!
  • Relationships What experiences do you want to have with the people who are important in your life? You may want to fall in love, get married, become a parent or organize a family reunion, re-connect with a long lost relative, get in touch with a former partner… The possibilites are endless. List a goal and let us help you realize it.
  • Personal Development & Community Do you want to take a class at a local community college? Lead a more balanced life by learning to meditate? Volunteer with a local group? Get involved in Politics? Become a Big Brother? List it here and we'll help you make it a reality.
  • Career & Finance This doesn't only apply to your career goals, but also to things such as home ownership, retirement planning and investing.
  • Lifestyle & Culture Do you want to lose weight or stop smoking? Learn to paint in Italy? Go to the ballet? The possibilities are endless and may include expressing yourself through learning a new language.
  • Sports & Adventure Parachuting, bungy jumping, hiking… The list goes on! What sports or adventure experience have you always dreamed about having?

What is Create. Act. Celebrate.™?

Your Life List should reflect significant goals, but most importantly, should also outline how you intend to take action to accomplish your goal and how you will feel once you accomplish it. To help guide you we have designed a proven 3 step process Create. Act. Celebrate.™

  • Step 1. Create a Life List of things you've always wanted to do
  • Step 2. Act on their Life List goals by creating a plan to engage others to support you
  • Step 3. Celebrate your accomplishments by sharing stories and pictures to inspire others

How do I become a member?

It’s easy to register. Just enter your email address and complete the basic registration form to establish your screen name and password.

How much does joining My Life List™ cost?

My Life List™ is free to join. Creating your life list, using our tools and reading and commenting on experience stories are all the benefits of registering with our site.

How do I get points for My Life List™ Rewards?

My Life List™ Rewards is designed to recognize members who are achieving their goals and sharing their stories while enlisting and supporting others to achieve their goals. Members receive points for the following activities:

  • Create a Life List by clicking on What's on Your Life List? (10+)
  • Create a Top of List Goal (10+)
  • Complete a Top of List Goal (15+)
  • Share a story (25+)
  • Share an item from the site (1+)
  • Make a comment on another members story or top of list goal (1+)
  • Add person to your Network (1+)

What do the My Life List™ Rewards status levels mean?

My Life List™ Rewards status levels recognize those members who have set goals and achieved them. Periodically we will run promotions and provide opportunities that recognize the achievements of members within each level.

  • Member: 0 to 49 Points
  • Achiever: 50 to 249 Points
  • Champion: 250 to 499 Points
  • Guru: 500+ Points
  • Legend: By Invitation Only - To recommend a person to receive Legend status email

What is My Network?

My Network allows you to follow the updates of members as they publish and make comments on their Top of List Goals and Life List stories. To follow a member, simply click on the link (Add to Network) beside a member's user name and they will be added to your network and you will recieve updates from them. They will not receive updates from you unless they add you to their network. You can change who you follow at any time by clicking the manage link.

What is My Network News?

My Network news allows you to follow the updates of members as they publish and make comments on their Top of List Goals and Life List stories. To follow a member simply click on the link (Add to Network) beside a members user name and you will receive updates from them. They will not receive updates from you unless they add you to their network. You can change who you follow at anytime by clicking manage beside the My Network News Title.

What is Top of My List?

The Top of My List Function allows you to create a plan to take action on your goal. You can keep the goal private or make it public, so others can see your goal by using the colored icon category browser. No matter if your goal is public or private, you can share it with others by using the share functions or by simply copying the web address and pasting it into an email or chat.

How do I log into My Life List?

In the upper right hand corner of our home page and you will see the ‘Already a Member’ Prompt, type your username and password in the boxes provided.

What if I have difficulty logging in?

Login names and passwords are case - sensitive - double check the email address and password you’ve entered.

What if I forget my password?

Click ‘Already a Member’ in the upper right hand corner of our home page and click “forgot password”.

How do I send My Life List to my friends?

You can send them a link to your Life List public page, Top of List Goals or experience stories by clicking the share button on the page you wish to share.

How do I change my personal information, like my email address?

Click on the my account tab on the top right hand corner of your user home page and then open the personal details menu. Enter and save your new email address.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by selecting the My Account tab, then choosing the Change Password menu.

How do I change my life list items?

You can change your life list items on your user home page at any time. Just click on the list item and change the words.

Do I need to put a profile picture up as my avatar?

No its not necessary, however we do suggest you select a fun image that resonates with who you are so you can be easily identifiable to other members during forum discussions or as they enjoy reading your experiences.

How can I invite friends to join me on My Life List™?

There are a number of ways but probably the easiest is to send them the link to an experience story you think will inspire them. You can also share your life list with them and they will be prompted to become a member as part of this email.