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website: www.mylifelist.org

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President GoalsCorp Media and a founding partner of MyLifeList.org. Canadian, Author, Entrepreneur, Investment Banker, Avid Adventurer and Sailor!

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Travel & Leisure

  • Go to Nepal and hike Annapurna circuit
  • Go to Cuba and Salsa Dance
  • Explore Newfoundland Canada by Kayak
  • Travel to Antarctica and see Penguins
  • Sail in US Virgin Islands
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Campervan around the South Island NZ
  • Go to Ottawa for Canada's 150th B-Day in 2017
  • See the Pyramids in Egypt
  • A Visit to the Taj Mahal

Personal Development & Community

  • Establish the My Life List Foundation
  • Do 5 minutes of Stand-up Comedy
  • Become a Qualified Yachtmaster
  • Be a hero
  • Rotary: more than just the meetings

Career & Finance

Lifestyle & Fitness

Sports & Adventure

  • Hike in the Grand Canyon
  • Do the Transpac Ocean Race
  • Climb Machu Pichu in Peru
  • Do one leg of a round the world race!
  • Do the Fastnet Ocean Race
  • Water Plane in BC
  • Do my 3rd Sydney Hobart
  • Attend a Camp Jeep Event with my Jeep
  • Learn to hoop dance
  • Flying Lessons

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In August the owners of our current house will be doing major renovations so its time for us to find a new place to live!

When I am at my ideal weight everything is easier and I feel and look great. My healthy and happy weight is 210Ibs. I'm currently 250 Ibs so my overall goal is to be at my healthy and ideal 210Ibs by my wedding in July I am using the 21 Day Challenge to build the habits I need to accomplish this goal by focusing on losing 10 Ibs.

I have been sailing since I was 12 and would love to get a sailboat for my Family to sail around the bay on. I once sailed a Hobie Cat in Thailand and loved how much fun it was. It is also really easy to sail. This is pure sailing at its best. We may even do a couple of races when we get good.

In 2004, I started competitive Big Boat Sailing. I love being a crew member and have been fortunate to have sailed in some big races with some great sailors. Now at 41 I feel it's time to look ahead at my dream sailing program.

I moved to Boston in February 2010 and have not yet built the same tribe of friends I had in Bermuda & Sydney.