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Japanese-English translator, musician, compulsive reader.

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I've never maintained a home of my own that was uncluttered and shining. For many years I thought I didn't care, but at some point I realized that's not true--or at least, not anymore. All the "stuff" in my home feels like it's weighing me down. I don't want it; the physical clutter manifests as mental & emotional clutter. And the mess in my home is mess in my life. So this is my project for the 21-Day Challenge! I'll create a habit of putting away or disposing of two pieces of clutter a day, every day.

The idea's been on my mind for a while, lurking there in the back. I'm not sure exactly what started it, but I do love translation, and the idea of having these experiences that I talk about and think about every day documented every so often is attractive. And more satisfying in some ways than my personal blog, which has grown less rewarding as more people transition all of their social interactions to Facebook (which I hate). I've also been noticing that translators and translation agencies who have a strong blog tend to capture my interest more and make me feel more like I want to work with them, because I can see the thought and philosophy that goes into what they do. So I think developing my own flavor of blog could be attractive to potential clients and therefore good for business.

Plastic is a horrible problem for Earth's wildlife. There are actually all kinds of environmental issues with plastic, starting with the petroleum used in its production, but the ones that I think are easiest for us (me, at least) to picture visually and wrap our minds around involve their direct and immediate effect on other living creatures. For example, plastic bags in the ocean can look like jellyfish to underwater eyes, prompting sea turtles to try to ingest them, which potentially fatal results. The less plastic we use, the better all around. Reducing unnecessary plastic consumption is something I've been wanting to work on for a while, and I've felt bad for how slowly it feels like I'm moving on it--so my goal for the 2012 21-Day Challenge is to spend 21 days mindfully eliminating my use of virgin plastics.

There are so many things about my family that I don't know. I think that's true of all of us. How many things do we really know about our grandmother's childhood, our aunt's college years? Or even what our siblings have been up to since we all moved out of the house? What about those family members related by marriage only? These stories could be accessible to us if we ask. And since humans are mortal beings, they are only accessible for a limited time. There are already people I can't ask these questions. We all die, and the clock is ticking on what we can find out from our families. I'd like to make a book of as many family stories as I can. It'll be great for me, and maybe I can give it to other family members as well for a keepsake.

This will give me the crucial financial security of an "emergency fund" and the peace of mind that entails. I will also have a sense of accomplishment.

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