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I grew up in Mass. and graduated from Vassar. I have lived in Boulder, Colo. for 27 years. My first exciting career was as a filmmaker, my second as a life coach. Married for 40 years with 2 kids (30 and 20).

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I want to be fit so that I live longer healthily, which will enable me to have more adventures. I always have to have an adventure in mind to thrive.

I like our lifestyle very much and want to continue it, with the addition of more time in Jamaica. I like Boulder culture very much and feel that I already take advantage of it. I would like to get to know the Jamaican culture even more.

I want to spend 3-6 months a year in Jamaica, a country and people I am passionate about. I want to buy a place in Port Antonio that I can rent out when we are not there. I want to work 4 hours a day as a coach from Jamaica. And last, but not least, I want to be in the field so that I can hands-on shepherd the Colorado Jamaica Project, Inc.'s (a 501(c)3 corporation that I founded) ongoing project in the Port Antonio area.

I feel that it's important for me to continue to grow as a person and to contribute to my community- probably Boulder, Colorado and Port Antonio, Jamaica.

I believe that strong relationships with family, friends and self are the most important thing in life.

I want to get control of my finances for once and for all so that Ted and I can enjoy the kind of "golden years" that we envision. I want to create a sustainable coaching practice that will morph over the years into different niches so that I can work as long as I like (maybe forever).

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