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Paula Rizzo is Senior Health Producer for FoxNews.com and founder of www.ListProducer.com. She's an Emmy Award winner and attributes much of her success to her compulsive list making.

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I LOVE to read -- but I only get a few minutes to do it during my 20 minute subway commute to work each day. I wish I had more time to really sit down with a good book and enjoy it. When I'm home and I'm reading -- I always think of 100 other things I need to be doing and can't really relax with it. (That's why I always have a to-do list to help) But I wish I could focus more on doing this hobby that I truly love.

I haven't really volunteered since I was a kid and that's when I HAD to. I think it's important to give back. It will help me be happy and also benefit someone else. Helping interns isn't really community service...so I've got to step it up. As Oprah says "Use your life to serve the world." ... Love it!

I love where I live now but I want something that is out of this world. I want a home that I return to and think "wow, how did I pull this one off!" It should be comfortable and functional but also a home that was fun!

I've always wanted to visit Italy and I think it would be a gorgeous trip. I'd like to go with my husband and parents so we can all enjoy it together.

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