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Walk the Great Wall of China
Travel & Leisure: Asia


Why were you inspired to do this?

I've always been interested in other cultures and ways of life. When the course was offered at my shool I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do something I had always wanted to do. China was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I cannot wait to go back some day!

What were 3 things you did to make this happen?

Had to sign up for the travel course at school

Earn the money to pay for it

How did you feel once you had accomplished this?


4/11/2011 9:46:24 AM

Congratulations. This one is on my list too! What was it like standing on the Great Wall? Love your picture.

Why do you want to do this?

What three things will you need to make this happen?

What is the biggest barrier to your achieving this?